What are people saying?


The equipment is great and the facility is always clean.

Experience makes the difference

"I came to Oakville Performance & Wellness eight months ago to begin working out again following a back injury. I was looking for a gym where the trainers were experienced in dealing with injuries. I wanted to work with someone who knew how the body functioned and how to overcome pain. At OAKPW I found that and so much more! Over the past eight months, I have gained strength, confidence and am now able to move through my day pain free. A year ago, I wondered if that would ever be possible again. The staff at OAKPW are experienced, thoughtful, kind and truly want the best for their clients."


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Goodbye Pain and Hello Gain

“That’s been my experience at Oakville Performance & Wellness in a nutshell.

Before working with Brien, I’d only been able to get temporary pain relief in my shoulders from traditional physiotherapy. Fascial Stretch Therapy (FST) was the breakthrough experience that finally addressed the actual problems with my shoulders and has restored my full range of motion. Brien’s outstanding FST capabilities, patience and caring attitude were the right combination that I needed to recover. Next, Brien successfully combined FST with other techniques to create a set of exercises that have dramatically reduced the carpel tunnel symptoms in my hands. After working on posture, flexibility, and hand strength my second set of EMG test results had improved to the point where my neurosurgeon no longer needed to operate.

Finally, personal training is something else that Brien excels at. Improved mobility, posture, balance, and significantly increased strength are some of the direct results that my personal training sessions have delivered in the last few months. BTW, the equipment is great and the facility is always clean."

– Katharine


Proper coaching has made a world of difference for me, as has FST.

Stronger and fitter than I was 10 years ago

"I just wanted to let you know that I had an amazing race on Sunday. Better than I had anticipated for sure. I felt stronger and fitter than I did 10 years ago which I attribute to both changes to my diet and training at Oakville Performance & Wellness. I was fourth of 70 women in my age category. Thank you for getting me to the start."

– Averil

At OakPW, the practitioners are committed to your total healing.
— Jonathan, Former CFL Player