4 Common Mistakes For The Lateral Lunge

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At Oakville Performance & Wellness, our trainers love coaching the lateral lunge. This exercise has a plethora of benefits as it helps build functional movement and really transfers over into developing athleticism. 

Why do lateral lunges?

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Lateral training is often forgotten or neglected in many training programs since the majority of movements occur in the sagittal plane (squats, bench presses and deadlifts).

We need to acquire the ability to move and function in all planes of movement for optimal health and performance. 

Take a look at our video below, where we show you four common mistakes we see in the lateral lunge and how to correct them.

Benefits of mastering the lateral lunge:

  • Corrects and addresses muscle imbalances.

  • Reduces risk of hip, low back and and knee injury.

  • Builds strength and stability in each leg.

  • Improves lateral control/stability, anti-rotational ability and range of motion.

  • Stretches and strengthens adductors (groin muscles).

  • Adds variety to your workout.

  • Enhances motor control function for athletes who train in multi-directional environments (e.g. basketball, soccer and hockey)

  • Helps to balance out the relative strength in runners and cyclists. 

  • Trains muscles and motor control patterns that often get neglected with standard exercises.

Always remember, motion is lotion. We encourage you to Move Well, Live Well™.    

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