Nutrition Tip #2: Control Your Portions


If you’re trying to build muscle, lose fat or generally be healthy, then controlling your portions is important. It's as easy as using you hand.

At OakPW we’re Precision Nutrition Certified Nutritionists and highly recommend using their hand-measuring system. It’s super easy and ensures you get enough of the right nutrients while eating the right amount for your body. Your hand is proportionate to your body so it’s the perfect tool for measuring food with each meal:

  • Your palm determines your protein intake (men: two palm-sized portions, women: one palm-sized portion).
  • Your fist determines your vegetable portions (men: 2 fist-sized portions, women: 1 fist-sized portion).
  • Your cupped hand determines your carbohydrate portions (men: 2 cupped-hand sized portions, women: 1 cupped-hand sized portion). This is less than most people realize. 
  • Your thumb determines your fat portions (men: 2 thumb-sized portions, women 1 thumb-sized portion).

Of course you will need to adjust depending on your specific body and goals. But this general ‘rule of hand’ seems to work well for most people.