Nutrition Tip #1: Drink More Water


One of the most simple (and maybe most important) nutrition habits we encourage our clients to implement is to drink more water.

Most people know that the body is made up of about 60% water (if you weigh 150 lb, 90 lb of you is water). Beyond the obvious staying alive part, water:

  • Plays a role in growth
  • Acts as a catalyst 
  • Is a lubricant 
  • Regulates temperature
  • Can be a mineral source

So how much water should you consume for optimal health and muscle function? Although the common recommendation tends to be 6-8 glasses per day, the reality is that that number is completely arbitrary. There is actually no science behind it and it doesn’t account for individuality. Do you think a 200 lb man should drink the same amount as a 95 lb woman? Probably not. The following equation has been recommended by health experts to ensure you’re sufficiently hydrated:

0.6 x your body weight in pounds = number of ounces you need to drink per day.


For example:

  • A 200 lb person should consume about 120 oz of water per day (200 x 0.6 = 120 oz). 120 oz is about 3.5 L. 
  • A 95 lb person should consume about 57 oz of water per day (95 x 0.6 = 57 oz). 57 oz is about 1.69 L.

Give this a try, but keep in mind that after exercise, fluid is required to assist in recovery.