Counterbalance Single-Leg Squat to Bench 

This is one of our favourite single-leg exercises. It’s a fantastic choice for improving relative leg  strength and requires excellent balance, mobility and coordination.

Why we love this exercise:

  1. It’s not about pure strength. It requires a significant amount of hip, knee & ankle stability and mobility. 

  2. Identification of left and right leg strength discrepancies. It helps to make sure each leg is equally developed in strength and function compared to the other.

  3. It teaches you how to load your hips & groove the hip hinge pattern. You have to be able to posteriorly shift your weight. 

  4. It minimizes the work load & stress on the joints when performed properly. 

  5. It has a direct effect on improving your bilateral lifts and overall strength. 

We program the single-leg squat to balance out other bigger movements like the squat and deadlift, making you a stronger and more efficient mover.